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Woman calls police after being abducted, leads police to arrest accused serial killer

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Ashland County, OH, United States (4E) – A woman called 911 to report that she was abducted and was being held captive and her call led to police officials to arrest an alleged serial killer and three remains, which are believed to be his victims.

The suspect, identified as Shawn Grate remained in jail on Wednesday on an abduction charge. Additional charges are yet to be released as per the Ashland County prosecutors.

The woman was whispering through the phone when she called police. She said, “I’ve been abducted. Please hurry.” She also told the dispatcher that she was afraid of waking up her captor.

Officials were able to locate the woman and Grate at a home that was supposed to be unoccupied. Two remains were found. The authorities have reportedly identified one of the bodies and said that it belonged to Stacey Stanley of Greenwich. She was reported missing from Huron County since September 8 and was last seen at an Ashland gas station after she got a flat tire.

The home where the remains, Grate, and the woman were found is said to be just a few blocks away from where Stanley was last seen. The son of Stanley, Kurtis , said in a statement, “She’d give anybody anything. She’s a very kind-hearted woman.” It was not clear what the cause of death of Stanley was.

The woman, Barbara Balsizer , who cleans and closes the laundromat in front of the home where the bodies and the abducted victim was, said in a statement that if she saw anything out of the ordinary she would have called the police.

The owner of the home, Bruce Wilkinson, who is a pastor and the director of Pump House Ministries, said that the house has been vacant since March this year and was being renovated. The house padlocked and checked on a weekly basis.

The third victim was at a property near Mansfield in the neighboring Richland County. He confessed that he killed a woman in June at a house that was destroyed by fire during that month. The woman has not been identified yet.

Grate is said to be homeless and has had a long criminal history. He served time in prison in 1997 for a burglary charge. In 1999, he was charged with abduction after holding two women in captive with a butcher knife. In 2007, he was convicted of identity theft, drug paraphernalia possession and misdemeanor domestic violence. He was married for two years and has a young daughter.


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