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White Texas cop arrests black mother and daughter after they called about son, 7, being assaulted

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Fort Worth, TX, United States (4E) – A black mother in Texas called the cops after her seven-year-old son was reportedly assaulted but when a white cop showed up, the mother and her daughter were arrested.

A video showing the arrest has become viral after the officer was seen placing the mother and the daughter on the ground. The officer has since been placed on restricted duty status and the department said in a statement via Twitter that their Internal Affairs Unit is investigating the matter. The mother, identified as 46-year-old Jacqueline Craig, was seen in the video while the unnamed white officer was seen pointing his stun gun at the daughter of the mother. The video has been shared more than 65,000 times on social media and has had over 1 million views.

According to the jail records, Craig was charged with resisting arrest. One of the daughters of Craig, Brea Hymond , was also charged with resisting arrest and interfering with public duty. Another 15-year-old was arrested but her identity and the charges she is facing has not been revealed.

An attorney for Craig, Lee Merritt, said in a statement, “We want to see the officer involved terminated from his position as a peace officer within Fort Worth and would also like to see him prosecuted criminally for his behavior — for his felony assault of my clients. We would like to see the individual who all this started from — the neighbor who assaulted a 7-year-old child — prosecuted as well.” The mother and daughter have been released from custody.

The police department said that they have been working to investigate the matter and that the video that has emerged may raise serious questions. They then asked the public to give their investigators more time to thoroughly examine the matter. They added in their statement, “The process may take time, but the integrity of the investigation rests upon the ability of our investigators to document facts and to accurately evaluate the size and scope of what transpired.”

According to reports, Craig reported about her neighbor grabbing her son by the neck after the child refused to pick up the litter. That issue was not resolved as Craig told the man accused of assaulting her son that he should have come to her and not placed his hands on her son. The officer allegedly said, “Well why don’t you teach your son not to litter.” Craig replied, “He can’t prove to me that my son littered, but it doesn’t matter if he did or didn’t, it doesn’t give him the right to put his hands on him.”

The back and forth between the mother and the officer went on for a few more minutes and the cop was heard saying that if Craig keeps yelling, it will piss him off and he will have to take her to jail.

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