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White football player pleads guilty in sexual assault case of black male disabled teenager, will possibly not face jail time

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Dietrich, ID, United States (4E) – The state of Idaho entered into a plea deal with a white football player making him no longer spending time behind bars in the sexual assault of a black male teen with disabilities.

The black teenager with disabilities was sexually assaulted by football players at Dietrich High School but one of the suspects will no longer face jail time as per a plea deal with the state. This decision by the state has outraged an Idaho activism group noting that the incident was racist.

The activism group was identified as Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence. They posted a statement online asking Attorney General Lawrence Wasden to take action against Deputy Attorney General Casey Hemmer. The group pointed out that Hemmer’s actions regarding the case dehumanizes the young black male teenager who was penetrated with items at a locker room at the high school. They noted that the statements of Hemmer “fuels and sanctions our culture of sexism, racism, able-ism, domination, aggression, and violence.” Hemmer said last Friday that although the actions of the football player made the victim suffer, it does not amount to a sex crime.

Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence continued to say that the teenager who was brutally penetrated by the white football players was viewed less than the ideal stereotype of who are masculine. They also said that the crime was a sex crime and the players were racist.

One of the football players, 19-yer-old John R.K. Howard, entered a plea deal last week and his charges were then reduced to injury to a child. He was accuse do sexually assaulting the victim with a coat hanger while others participated or watched the incident. Howard is said to have stomped on the hanger while it was inside the teenager several times.

The teenager sexually assaulted is said to be suffering from mental disorders such as learning disabilities. He will then serve two to three years of probation and will no longer be mandated to register as a sex offender. A judge is expected to accept the plea deal by February 24. The charge initially carried a maximum of life imprisonment.

The football player and all the other players are said to be white. The victim was said to be taunted by these players and was called names such as the “n” word, chicken-eater, watermelon, and many more. Howard is said to be the leader of the abuse and was sent to Idaho to live with his relatives because he could not keep out of trouble in Texas.

The family of the victim filed a $10 million lawsuit against the school and 11 of its staff such as the administrators and coaches. They are accused of not being able to stop the abuse.

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