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VP Biden slams Donald Trump, says GOP nominee is choking on his silver spoon

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Fourth Estate Staff

Warren, OH, United States (4E) – Vice President Joe Biden appeared during a campaign rally for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Ohio earlier this week and he lashed out on GOP nominee, Donald Trump.

Biden was talking to a crowd that gathered at a United Auto Workers hall in Warren, Ohio. Biden attacked Trump as the real estate mogul reportedly does not understand the struggles that are being faced by middle class families in the United States.

Biden shared, “I’m so sick and tired — I know I’m not supposed to get angry, but I’m so sick and tired of hearing people like Trump and the Chamber of Commerce, the National Chamber, talking about we get paid too much. Give me a break. Give me a break. This is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth that now he’s choking on because his foot is in his mouth along with a spoon.”

Biden continued to say that Trump is not a bad guy but he does not understand the situations of the many families in the country as the citizens also do not understand what it is like to live in a 30,000 square foot penthouse that is 80 floors up in New York, referring to the GOP nominee’s Trump Tower. He also said that he grew up in Pennsylvania and that he struggled to pay for houses and college.

The Vice President also said that Clinton has a record of supporting unions and it is not the same with Trump as he likes to fire people. One of the rhetoric of Trump is that American workers make too much money but Biden believes that is not the case.

Aside from that, Biden slammed Trump as his comments against NATO and the possibility that the GOP nominee could have access to nuclear codes will pose a threat to the foreign policy of the country. Biden said that he had to meet with the presidents of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania because “they are scared to death with good reason that Russia will cross the border and annex them like they did Crimea.”

Trump has not yet commented on this.


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