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Utah prosecutors file rape charges against University of Southern California football player Osa Masina

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Fourth Estate Staff

Salt Lake City, UT, United States (4E) – The University of Southern California football player, Osa Masina , who is under investigation for an alleged sexual assault in the state, was charged with rape by Utah prosecutors on Thursdays.

The victim in Utah is said to be the same victim in the sexual assault investigation in Utah. Masina reportedly sexually assaulted the woman after she passed out on July 25 following a night out in a Salt Lake City suburb. The 19-year-old woman told investigators that the assaults occurred after drinking and smoking marijuana with Masina at party. She reportedly knew Masina for several years before the incident.

In the Utah charges, Masina is facing one count of rape and two counts of forcible sodomy. The 19-year-old football player said that he and the woman had sexual intercourse but said that it was consensual. Masina turned himself to police officials on Thursday after he returned to Utah following his suspension from the University of Southern California.

For the investigation in California, the same victim reportedly visited Masina at an off-campus apartment. The incident reportedly took place on July 14 and aside from Masina , his teammate, Don Hill, is also under investigation. It is unknown what is the relationship of Masina and the supposed victim.

Masina and Hill reportedly assaulted the woman at the apartment of Hill as they have her marijuana, an anti-anxiety prescription drug called Xanax , as well as alcohol. Masina reportedly took a video of the alleged sexual assault and sent it to the woman’s former boyfriend. Hill has also been suspended by the University of Southern California.

Masina is booked in jail and the bail was set at $250,000. Court records say, “This evidence suggests that the Utah incident was neither a one-time event nor a spontaneous occurrence, and therefore raises concerns about the safety of others.”

No court date has been set yet.


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