University of Rochester kidnapping case update: Four people sentenced, one of them gets 155 years behind bars

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Rochester, NY, United States (4E) – The four people convicted in the University of Rochester kidnapping case were sentenced on Wednesday and one of them got 155 years in prison.

The four people were identified as David Alcazar-Ubiles , Inalia Rolldan , Lydell Strickland, and Ruth Lora. All of them were convicted last month on kidnapping and weapons charges. Rolldan and Lora were sentenced to seven years behind bars and five more years of supervised probation after their release.

An attorney for Rolldan said that her client was just there at the wrong time and was not guilty of any crime. The attorney for Lora, on the other hand, said that her client was young and immature and Lora herself said she should have done something to help the kidnapped victims. Lora was also once a hardworking student but she met one of the men involved in the kidnapping.

Alcazar-Ubiles was sentenced to 15 years behind bars and a supervised probation for five years after his release. His sentence, however, will run after he serves the 15-year sentence regarding another crime. Strickland had the heaviest punishment as he was sentenced to 25 years to life for each of the victim. The sentences will run one after the other. He was also sentenced to a total of 155 years to life in prison for the additional weapon charges, gang assault charge, sexual abuse charges, and robbery charges.

Supreme Court Justice Alex Renzi said in a statement, “You’re not a good person…I couldn’t come up with any redeeming qualities about you. There’s no question that you are guilty. These two victims will never ever be the same.”

The victims were rescued at a home on Harvest Street last December. They said that they were brutally tortured and sexually abused for almost two days. They said they were duped to go to a home by two young women claiming they wanted to party with the victims. Once they got to the home, they were tied up and beaten. One of them was shot in the leg. The bank cards of the victims were also used by the suspects for cash machine withdrawals.

The victims were said to be wrongly targeted as payback for a drug-related robbery. The robbery was said to be committed by another student attending the same university. That student also played for the university football team as well as the two victims.

None of the victims appeared during the sentencing but took the stand during the trial.

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