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U.S Congressional intelligence committee says Snowden is not a hero

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Washington, DC, United States (4E) – The United States Congressional intelligence committee said in a statement on Thursday that the National Security Agency ( NSA ) contractor, Edward Snowden , is not a hero and the leaking of information caused “tremendous damage” to the national security.

The report by submitted by both its Republican and Democratic leaders. They also pointed out that Snowden is not a whistleblower, which is in contrary with what he has claimed. The report added that the information that Snowden stole and leaked are not about invasions of privacy but are about the intelligence and defense programs that are of great interest to America’s foreign adversaries.

Chairman Devin Nunes , R-Calif, said in a statement, “Edward Snowden is no hero — he’s a traitor who willfully betrayed his colleagues and his country.”

They also shared that although the full scope of the damage from the leaking of information is unknown, the materials that he leaked makes clear that Snowden handed over secrets that protect the American troops overseas and these secrets also provided the needed defenses against terrorists that could attack the U.S.

The investigative report was reportedly 36 pages long but the statement released by the committee was only four pages long. They said that it was the summary of the report.

Aside from the leaked documents, the report was full of allegations against Snowden and his motives for taking the information. They said that the official employment records of Snowden showed that he left the U.S. Army basic training because of broken legs. However, the committee believes that he left because of shin splints. Snowden also allegedly claimed to have worked as a senior advisor for the CIA but he was reportedly hired only as an entry-level computer technician.

The committee continues to allege that Snowden’s real motive for taking and leaking the classified information was due to him getting into a spat with NSA managers in June 2012. A contracting officer reportedly reprimanded him for failing to follower proper grievance procedures so he started to download the classified information two weeks later.

Snowden is in exile in Russia and took to Twitter to comment on the report. He wrote, “After “two years of investigation,” the government charges… I faked a sick day and have a GED? Did they not watch the Guardian interview?” He followed it up with: “Their report is so artlessly distorted that it would be amusing if it weren’t such a serious act of bad faith.”

The report from the committee comes after the release of the biopic based on him entitled “Snowden” and days after he said that United States President Barack Obama should pardon him.


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