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Two children, one woman killed by suspected drunk driver in Placentia, California

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Fourth Estate Staff

Placentia, CA, United States (4E) – Two young children and a woman were struck by a vehicle on Saturday evening in Placentia leading to their deaths and the suspect, who is believed to be drunk driving, was arrested.

According to authorities, the officers on patrol that evening heard noises that sounded like a car accident at around 10:25 P.M. The officials headed towards the area where the crash took place and found the woman and two children unresponsive. The incident took place in the 800 block of West La Jolla Street, said Sgt . Mike Busse .

Busse said that paramedics were called at the scene and the victims were pronounced dead. Officials then found two damaged vehicles and the drivers. One of the drivers, identified as 27-year-old Nicholas Stephen Munoz, was the one driving the car that struck the pedestrians. Munoz was arrested on suspicion of murder and driving under the influence. As for the other driver, he was interviewed and released by officials. His name was not revealed and what happened to his car.

It has not been confirmed that the victims were related but a man who is identified as Isidro Ayala said that the two young children were his granddaughters. The woman was identified by Ayala as Patricia Ledezma , his stepdaughter.

Accordingly, the two young children are the daughters of Ledezma . One is five years old named Diane and the other is an eight-year-old named Stefanie. Ayala said that the three were on their way home from a party and were crossing the street when they were hit.


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