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Tulsa shooting update: Two officers involved named, Justice Department to help in investigation

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Tulsa, OK, United States (4E) – Tulsa Police released the names of the two officers involved in the fatal shooting of a man on a street in the area and the Justice Department also announced they are to help in the investigation.

The first officer identified is Betty Shelby. She reportedly fired the shot and killed the man, named Terrence Crutcher . The other officer was identified as Tyler Turnbough . He reportedly fired a stun gun at Crutcher . Shelby is now on a paid leave as the investigation is ongoing while Turnbough was not mentioned if he remains in active duty. Crutcher was brought to a hospital where he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Police spokeswoman Jeanne MacKenzie said days ago that the shot was fired after the stun gun was used. It is unclear if that is still the case after the investigation has started. MacKenzie also said that the shooting occurred after one officer stopped to investigate an SUV that stopped in the middle of a street. Crutcher reportedly approached one of the officers and the other officer who arrived later to assist.

The SUV was said to be that of Crutcher . He allegedly refused orders to put his hands up in the air and he reached inside the vehicle. That was when he was shot by one of the officers. It is unclear, however, what Crutcher was looking for and if any weapon was found in the vehicle. More information, such as audio and video of the incident, will be out on Monday.

The twin sister of Crutcher , Tiffany, said in a statement, “We just want answers, we want to know what happened, there’s a lot of speculation, but there is one thing, one fact that I do know is that my brother was unarmed.” She noted that her brother left a class at Tulsa Community College when his car stalled in the street.

The results of the investigation will be sent to Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler , who will determine whether or not the shooting was justified.

Police Chief Chuck Jordan asked the U.S. Department of Justice to help investigate the shooting.


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