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Trump Tower evacuated after suspicious bag left at lobby, police announce ‘all clear’ later

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Manhattan, NY, United States (4E) – A suspicious package was found at the lobby of Trump Tower in New York prompting people to evacuate the area and later, police officials have announced that it is all clear.

The evacuation took place on Tuesday afternoon and both the New York Police Department and the Fire Department New York officials were deployed to the area. A New York Police Department spokesman, J. Peter Donald, said in a statement that due to precautionary measures, their bomb squad also responded to the reports of a suspicious package in the lobby of the Trump Tower.

Donald later tweeted, “All clear at Trump Tower following the earlier suspicious package in the lobby.” No details were provided regarding the suspicious package but it was said to be a backpack full of children’s toys. It was not clear who left the package or if there are any people of interest regarding the matter.

The Trump Tower is located in Midtown Manhattan and is 58 stories high. It is being used as the headquarters for the Trump Organization and is the primary residence of the president-elect. During the incident, Trump was in Florida and was not at the Trump Tower. Trump has also used the Trump Tower during the transition after he won the November presidential elections.

The ground floor of the Trump Tower is also a shopping area that is open to the public.

Due to the evacuation, traffic ensued in the area after police officials closed Madison Avenue between 55th and 58th streets.

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