Top 5 Longest Rivers in the USA

Posted by on February 13, 2017 4:39 am
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  1. A wide river flows between dark forests and low bluffsMissouri River is not only the longest Running River in the United States, but the whole North America Stretching for for more than 2,341 miles. For a very long time starting with the Native Americans many people have depended on the Missouri River for transportation and life sustenance.
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Mississippi River is the most famous River in the North America, but second longest River next to the Missouri River, running for 2320 miles. Mississippi River is major transportation route for many and has been for a long time.


Yukon River is the third longest River in the United States, starting from British Columbia in Canada and finally draining to the bearing sea of Alaska. Yukon River runs for 1980 miles. The River is Frozen during the winter and floods once in a while.

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Rio Grand takes the title of being the fourth longest River in the United states, One thing you may not know is Rio Grand also divides some parts of United States and Mexico. There is no much of Transportation use for this River but there are plenty of tourism boating.

There is debate whether Arkansas River is the Fifth longest in the United States or the Sixth, but nonetheless we will give it the honor of being Fifth. The river runs for a 1469 miles, crossing four different states Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.