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Three teenagers rescued at Florida Keys after their boat capsized

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Florida Keys, FL, United States (4E) – Three teenage boys were rescued in Florida Keys after their boat capsized and the rescuer regarded the save as “very very lucky.”

The three boys were on vacation and they said that they are very grateful to be safe and dry. Photos of the three showed them sitting on the only portion of the boat that was still above sea. The teens were identified as 18-year-olds Zachary Sowder and Brent Shishido .

The other teen was identified as the brother of Zachary, 16-year-old Jacob. The thee took a rental boat fishing and were already two miles off of the coast at around 3 P.M. on Tuesday. The boat then started to sink and the teens said it capsized after 30 seconds so there was no time for them to grab life jackets.

The teens were able to call 911 and were able to give the exact location where they were. Deputies were able to respond immediately and rescued the boys.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Marine Deputy James Hager said in a statement, “They are so, so lucky. If we hadn’t found them by sunset it might have been a different story. I told the dispatchers to tell them to stay on the boat, since the water was so rough. We almost didn’t see them they were so far off land, but when we saw each other it was like this huge sense of relief.” Hager said that when the teens were rescued, they shook hands and hugged it out.

The three teenagers were on vacation in Florida with their families.

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