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Suspected killer of two Mississippi nuns was on probation, reportedly confessed to crime

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Durant, MS, United States (4E) – A suspect in the deaths of the two Mississippi nuns found dead in their home in Durant reportedly confessed to the killings and that he was on probation when the incident took place.

The suspect, identified as 46-year-old Rodney Earl Sanders of Kosciusko , Mississippi, was arrested on Friday. The two victims were nuns working at a Lexington clinic and when they did not show up for work hours after they killed, the police were called to make a welfare check. They were identified as Sisters Margaret Held and Paula Merrill. Both the two nuns were 68 years old and were living at the same home where they were killed.

Sheriff of Holmes County Willie March said that Sanders’ was interrogated and during that time, he reportedly confessed to the killings. However, the motive for the killings remains unclear as he did not give any reason as to why he took the lives of the nuns. The two nuns were stabbed to death.

More on his criminal records, Sanders was convicted of a felony DUI last year. He was released from prison after and is currently on probation, confirmed Grace Simmons Fisher, a spokeswoman for the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Sanders was also convicted of armed robbery and was sentenced in 1986. He then served six years behind bars.

Sanders is said to be in an undisclosed detention center following his arrest as he awaits his court appearance.

A nephew of Merrill said in a statement that the family was thankful that Sanders was apprehended but they are still to deal with the loss. However, he pointed out that he is willing to forgive her aunt’s alleged killer as he feels that his aunt would want them to do the same about the matter. He continued to explain that despite his aunt’s wishes, he might not be capable of completely forgiving. He also said that he hopes the death penalty will not be imposed on Sanders if proven guilty.

There is no date announced yet for Sanders’ court appearance.


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