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Suspect in Alabama killings admits to killing one or more, sheriff confirms

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Fourth Estate Staff

Citronelle, AL, United States (4E) – The man suspected of killing five people, one of whom was pregnant, reportedly admitted to killing one ore more, Greene County Sheriff Stanley McLeod said on Monday.

According to reports, the home where the dead bodies were found is the area where the suspect’s estranged girlfriend sought shelter as he reportedly abused her. The suspect, 27-year-old Derrick Dearman initially went to Mississippi and on his way there, he dropped off his girlfriend and her three-month-old baby. Hours after, he then walked into the sheriff’s office in Leakesville , Mississippi and said that he killed someone or more than one person in Citronelle , Alabama.

A total of three men and two women were killed. The girlfriend, identified as Laneta Lester, went to police officials after she was dropped somewhere by Dearman . The home reportedly belonged to the brother of Lester, who was among the casualties. The brother let Lester stay in his home because she said she was afraid of Dearman .

Dearman reportedly attacked the family in their sleep. He used multiple weapons, one of which is a gun, to kill them. He is set to be charged with six counts of capital murder and is now being held in a Mississippi jail. McLeod said that Dearman initially did not want to sign papers to be returned to Alabama but he later agreed to do so. He will be taken there for prosecution.

Those who were slain were identified as 35-year-old Shannon Melissa Randall, 26-year-old Joseph Adam Turner, 26-year-old Robert Lee Brown, 23-year-old Justin Kaleb Reed, and 22-year-old Chelsea Marie Reed, who was five months along. Her unborn baby was also killed.

Before the killings, someone from inside the home called 911 and reported that Dearman was on the property. Police officials came but did not see Dearman as he reportedly left before the officials arrived. Minutes after, Dearman returned and attacked the victims.

The ex-wife of Dearman , named Crystal, said that her former husband always “had a temper, especially when he doesn’t get his way. I woke up to him holding a knife to my throat in bed with my baby in the crib. He’s made threats the entire time we were together and after we separated.” Crystal said they divorced in 2010.


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