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South Florida bracing for heavy rains, possible tropical cyclone

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Miami, FL, United States (NewsBahn) – South Florida is bracing for heavy rain and a possible tropical cyclone as a powerful storm is gathering strength and is set toi hit the area over the weekend.

Officials say they are preparing for what may happen as the situation progresses.

“The problem it’s had is a combination of dry air and wind shear. And those are two enemies of a tropical cyclone trying to develop,” National Hurricane Center spokesman Dennis Feltgen told the Miami Herald. “It’s been fortunate we don’t have something forming.”

There may not be much time to warn the public, he added, due to the storm’s uncertain nature.

“If it does spin up on the coast, a warning would be fast,” Feltgen said. “Things could change on short notice.”

The odds for a powerful storm have dropped from 80 percent to 60 percent, according to the Herald report.

Florida Governor Rick Scott wants residents to remain alert over the potential storm.

“In Florida, we must always be prepared for a storm before landfall,” he said in a statement.

Florida utility companies are also preparing for what may come.

“Given this could be Mother Nature’s first wholesale clearing effort in more than a decade due to a relative lack of tropical weather, we fully anticipate whole trees and excess debris, such as branches and palm fronds, to cause power outages,” Florida Power & Light president Eric Silagy said.


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