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South Carolina woman accused of placing four-day-old son in refrigerator, charged with homicide by child abuse

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Chester, SC, United States (4E) – A South Carolina woman is accused of putting her four-day-old son in a refrigerator for three hours and has now been charged with homicide by child abuse.

The other, identified as 27-year-old Angela Blackwell, was charged on Monday by deputies in Chester County south of Charlotte and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division investigators. The infant died from hypothermia with asphyxiation.

As per the arrest warrant, Blackwell took the infant out of the refrigerator at her home in Chester after three hours. She then sought medical attention. The incident took place in February this year. The baby was pronounced dead at the hospital after doctors were not able to raise his body temperature in an attempt to save him. However, doctors said that they initially detected a faint heartbeat.

The grandfather of the baby, Billy Lewis, said in a statement, “I held him for two and a half hours. And I sang to him, and talked to him, and that was the only time I did.” The father of the child, Jeff Lewis, said that Blackwell did not kill their son and that she is innocent and a good mother. Accordingly, during the time that the baby was placed in the refrigerator, several family members were in the house that night and they believe another child, who had autism, placed the baby inside.

However, other family members said that Blackwell has mental disability. She has an older son, who is two years old. The son was taken by the Department of Social Services after the baby’s death. Jeff said in a statement that he is cleaning their house now as he wants to have his child back.

The charging took six months after the incident happened as the deputies had to interview a lot of people. Results from the medical tests also took months before the investigators got hold of them. Blackwell’s bond has also been denied as a magistrate cannot set bond on a murder charge.

Reports say that when Blackwell appeared in court with her hands cuffed in front of her she barely spoke and was not heard if she did.

If convicted, Blackwell faces 20 years to life in prison.


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