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Ryan Lochte’s passport ordered to be seized by Brazilian judge but athlete is back in the U.S.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Brazil (4E) – A Brazilian judge ordered the seizure of the passport of United States Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte but the athlete is now back in the United States before the order was made.

According to reports, the order came after it was found out that there was little evidence about the claims of Lochte that he and some of his teammates were robbed at gunpoint in Rio. Aside from Lochte’s passport, the passport of James Feigen and another U.S. swimmer are also being requested. Feigen and the two other swimmers, who were reportedly with Lochte at the time of the robbing, are still in Brazil.

Lochte claimed on Sunday that he and three other swimmers were robbed by men who posed as police officials. Their taxi was reportedly stopped by the men as they were headed for the Olympic Village in Rio. The attorney of Lochte , Jeff Ostrow , said in a statement, “He came home. They never said stay around, otherwise I would have advised Ryan to stay. He’s not hiding anything. They haven’t reached out to him.”

Rio police reportedly searched the rooms of the four swimmers in the Olympic village. They were also not able to locate the taxi driver and witnesses related to the reported robbery.

The Brazilian judge, Keyla Blanc De Cnop said that they found inconsistencies regarding the swimmers’ statements. One example is Lochte claiming there was only one culprit during the robbery while Feigen said there were multiple people involved. Another is that the attitude of the swimmers were strange when they passed through security after the alleged robbery.

As per the Olympic security footage, it showed the four swimmers arriving at the Olympic Village at around 7 A.M. The swimmers said they left a party at around 4 A.M. and were robbed shortly thereafter. The time gap is being questioned.

The swimmers were said to be intoxicated during the supposed robbery and were not able to provide key details about the matter.

It is unclear if Feigen and the two other swimmers involved will not be allowed to leave Brazil.


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