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Ryan Lochte feels his life is crumbling after Rio robbery scandal

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte has been in the center of the Rio robbery scandal and now he feels that his life is crumbling right before his eyes.

Lochte lost all four of his sponsorship gigs namely Speedo, Great Hair Removal, Ralph Lauren, and Airweave and a source sad that the swimmer is not doing well. The source said that Lochte feels like his life is crumbling under him and is now re-evaluating his life.

The source continued to say, “He honestly did not think this was going to be blown out of proportion like it was. He just felt like he had to keep up with this lie or else. After everyone found out the truth he knew it was over. He really does feel bad.” Lochte’s rumored girlfriend, Kayla Reid, is reportedly supporting the swimmer now that he is in such mess.

However, not everyone is supporting Lochte as accordingly, his fellow Olympians think that what he did was a really wrong move because it makes not only the U.S. Swimmers look bad but the whole United States. His fellow Olympians reportedly want Lochte to learn and pay for what he did. He is one of the best swimmers so they hope that by the time the 2020 Olympics happens, he has learned his lessons and has cleaned up the mess he made.

Although the other Olympians have been tough on him, Lochte is reportedly being supported by his teammates. Lochte reportedly called some of them and apologized. They also call or text him in return to check on his welfare.

Initially, Lochte said that some men posed as police officers and stopped their cab when they were on their way back to the Olympic village after a night of drinking. He also said that one of the armed men had a gun pointed to his head. In his latest comments, he said that they were in a bathroom and were confronted by security guards as they removed a sign.

He also said that the gun was not pointed directly to his head and was instead pointed to their general direction. They might have also not been robbed as the money that they gave the armed security guards was a form of payment for the property damaged.

Lochte and the three other swimmers reportedly vandalized the bathroom at the gas station where they had a confrontation with the security guards. However, this might have also been exaggerated as the surveillance video does not support such claim.

A witness identified as Fernando Deluz said that he saw the security guards draw a gun on the swimmers. Deluz said that he asked the gas station employees and they said that the Americans broke a sign and peed in the area. There were no statements that the swimmers vandalized the bathroom at the gas station.


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