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Ricky Martin will have two performances instead of one in ‘Autism Rocks Sessions’

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London, England, United Kingdom (4E) – Singer Ricky Martin will be having a second gig in the United Kingdom, specifically in London, for Autism Rocks.

The 44-year-old singer was initially scheduled for a one-off show in collaboration with the charity, Autism Rocks. He was set to have the first performance on September 23 at Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo but due to the popular demand by the fans, it was decided that they will have a second show making it a two-night event. The first performance will now be on September 22 and the second will be on September 23.

The event of Martin is entitled “Autism Rocks Session with Ricky Martin.” It will be the first of two “Autism Rocks Sessions.” Aside from Martin, the second perform set to perform for the charity is Grammy-award winning Nile Rodgers. The second event will take place this December 23.

The founder of the charity, Sanjay Shah, said in a statement that they are very pleased about Martin and Rodgers lending their support for their cause and generally for Autism Rocks. He added, “Artists of their standing can do so much to raise awareness of the condition and help us reach a wider audience.”

Shah pointed out that autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the entire world. Shah said that their cause wishes to let people have a better understanding of autism. The charity also hopes to let people with autism feel fully supported so that they are able to reach their true potential.

Martin is now on his “One World” tour and his collaboration with Autism Rocks charity will also give his fans in Britain a chance to see him perform live. His performance for the “Autism Rocks Sessions” is the only time that he will be performing in the United Kingdom this 2016.

The proceeds from the “Autism Rocks Sessions” will be given to the Autism Research Trust. The Autism Research Trust raises money to support the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University.


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