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Professor allegedly killed by friends who thought they were on his will

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Fourth Estate Staff

Potter Township, PA, United States (4E) – Two people allegedly pushed a Penn State professor to his death as they believed that they were named on his will.

The second person was charged just recently in the death of the professor, identified as 56-year-old Ronald Bettig . Bettig’s body was found in a quarry last Thursday after authorities believe that he was pushed off of an 80-foot cliff.

The first suspect, 32-year-old Danielle Geier of Lemont was arraigned on Saturday evening on charges of first and third degree murder, aggravated assault, conspiracy, and evidence-tampering. The second suspect, 39-year-old George Ishler Jr . of Pennsylvania Furnace, was also charged on Saturday. Bettig was an associate professor of media studies.

Authorities believe that Geier and Ishler plotted to kill Bettig as they thought they would financially gain from the professor’s will, which he recently signed. Bettig was reportedly friends with the two alleged killer and were known drug users. Accordingly, they believed that Bettig named them in a new version of his will.

Ishler was reportedly responsible for luring Bettig to a quarry, which was located near Rimmey Road in the Potter Township. Ishler reportedly promised Bettig that they could harvest marijuana plants along the cliffs. Ishler then shoved Bettig and dropped him 80 feet below leading to his death. Ishler reportedly told investigators that he heard the body of Bettig crunch as it reached the ground.

Ishler and Geier then reportedly tried to make the death scene an accident as they placed Bettig’s water bottles, hand rake, flashlight, and a bag near the quarry. The professor’s car was also there and they attempted to make it look like he was alone.

The pair reportedly initially planned to kill Bettig by drowning him during a trip to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. Bettig has been living with Geier before he was killed. Geier reportedly was angry at Bettig because he criticized her for how she was raising her child.

Bettig has been missing since August 12 but Geier and Ishler only told about him three days after. The officials felt that the two had something to do with the death of Bettig due to their inconsistent statements.


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