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Pennsylvania mother drank own urine, ate twigs to survive after hiking almost 30 miles in snow to seek help

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Grand Canyon, AZ, United States (4E) – A mother from Pennsylvania was able to survive more than 30 hours in freezing temperatures as she tried to get help for her husband and son.

The family was traveling from Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah to the Grand Canyon Nation but their car got stuck in a ditch. The mother then decided to get out and ask for help but she got lost instead for 30 hours and was able to survive by drinking her own urine and eating twigs.

The mother was identified as Karen Klein, 46, her husband Eric Klein, 47, and their 10-year-old son Isaac Klein. Karen is a college professor from Easton, Pennsylvania and they decided that she is the best person to get out and try to ask for help as she is a triathlete . She wanted to walk to the main road, which was 10 miles away from where their vehicle was stuck, as there was no cellphone signal as she wanted to try and flag someone down for help. However, she saw the main highway closed due to the snow so she walked another 14 miles to get to the entrance of the park.

Karen then did not have any food on her so she drank her urine and ate twigs. She took wilderness survival training classes so she knew what was safe to eat. She hiked less than 30 miles for 30 hours to get help. She was able to take refuge in a cabin at the closed park entrance.

Rescuers were able to find her on Saturday morning while other rescuers were able to locate Eric and Isaac. Eric was able to hike to a higher ground to get cellphone service and ask for help. Eric and Isaac slept in the vehicle and were treated for frostbite. Karen is now in stable condition.

The first thing she said to emergency responders was that she was sorry because she broke the window of the cabin and she feared she will be arrested for what she did. The rescuers then gave Karen food and water.

Jim Driscoll, chief deputy for the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, called the incident a Christmas miracle noting that their rescuers are ecstatic over the matter. He also said that they had the same problems in the past due to the snow in the area.

Karen said in a statement that her love for her family made her want to survive. She said that she cannot leave her son without a mom and her husband without a wife. She added, “I can’t have my parents bury me.”

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