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Parents found unconscious inside vehicle at Target parking lot in TX; two children found unattended in backseat

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Austin, TX, United States (4E) – Two parents in Texas were found unconscious inside their vehicle and children were in the backseat and the authorities said they found cocaine and heroin in the possession of the parents.

Round Rock Police said in a statement that the drugs in possession of the parents were cocaine and black-tar heroin as well as Xanax . Two babies were in the backseat and are said to be one-year-old and one-month-old.

They were found at a Target parking lot and were identified as Cory Holloman , 26, and Amirah Silver, 23. Officials said they were dispatched on December 22 at the parking lot to conduct a welfare check on two people asleep in their vehicle. The parents were found unconscious in their front seat and the two kids were strapped in car seats at the back of the vehicle.

Holloman told officers that he and Silver were driving from Austin to Maryland and they stopped in the parking lot because they were tired since they have been traveling for three days with no sleep. However, drugs and paraphernalia were found in their vehicle. Track marks were also found on their arms, which are signs of chronic intravenous drug use. For the Xanax , it was found on the purse of Silver and she did not have prescription for the pills.

The total amount of drugs found in the vehicle are 9.5 grams of cocaine, 2.9 grams of black-tar heoin , and 2 and ¼ Xanax pills. For the paraphernalia, officers found two used syringes and three spoons with residue. All these items were said to be found in a box under one of the babies.

Holloman has been charged with a State Jail felony for child endangerment with criminal negligence and two charges for possession of the cocaine and heroin. The bond for Holloman was set at $20,000. In July 2016, Holloman was also charged with possession of a prohibited weapon.

Silver, on the other hand, was charged with state jail felony for child endangerment with criminal negligence and one drug charge. She has an outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor expired license plate violation. She also had a previous charge of driving with an invalid license. The couple posted bond on December 26 and have been released. No available details were provided regarding the two children and when they are due back in court.

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