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Oregon man fatally shoots wife, officer injured in gunfire exchange; Suspect dead

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King City, OR, United States (4E) – A woman was fatally shot by her estranged husband and the responding officer was injured during an exchange of gunfire while the suspect was also shot dead by cops.

The shooting took place on Christmas Day. A car chase ensued before the suspect was killed. The wife was identified as Kate Armand and the suspect was identified as James Tylka . The officer who was injured was identified as 32-year-old Nic Cederberg . Cederberg responded to reports about shots being fired near a residence in King City in Portland at around 10:15 P.M. When the officer arrived, Armand was discovered dead on the ground. Tylka , on the other hand, was on his way to flee from the crime scene.

Tylka then led officers on a 20-mile chase then exchange of gunfire took place. Tylka was killed while Cederberg was critically wounded. It was unclear who shot Cederberg . Cederberg underwent surgery at a hospital as of Monday. Oregon State Police said in a statement about Cederberg , ” Nic received multiple gunshot wounds. Please keep Nic , his family and all of his law enforcement peers in your thoughts and prayers.”

As for Tylka , he posted a photo of him and Armand on Facebook showing them hugging each other. He said that they are not divorced after one person commented that she hoped the couple is working things out. The couple shared a one-year-old child together.

Tylka has another son from a former marriage. The woman he was with before, Sabrina Starks, said in a statement that she hopes Tylka rots in hell. She filed for temporary custody over their child in September claiming that her son was in danger of potential abuse from Tylka .

The sister of Armand, Megan, said in a statement, “We are still in shock and devastated from last night’s events. My heart is broken from the loss of my only sister. Our thoughts and prayers are also with the wounded OSP Officer and his family.”

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