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One of two brothers accused of killing parents, siblings sentenced to life in prison

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Fourth Estate Staff

Broken Arrow, OK, United States (4E) – Two brothers were accused of killing their parents and their siblings last year and the older brother was recently sentenced to life in prison.

The two brothers, Robert Bever , 19, and Michael Bever , 17, reportedly stabbed their parents and three younger siblings to death. Robert pleaded guilty in the killings in exchange for the agreement that he will not be facing death penalty. The trial for Michael is set to begin next year.

The parents, David, 52, and April, 44, were killed in the middle of the night. The three siblings were identified as 12-year-old Daniel, seven-year-old Christopher, and five-year-old Victoria. Two more siblings survived the attack, one is a teen and one is a toddler. The toddler was asleep at the time that the killings happened so the teen was the only one who witnessed the fatal stabbings . The brothers then said that they did not have the time to kill their two-year-old sibling because one of their younger brother called 911 before he died.

Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said in a statement, “While I believe that Robert Bever deserves the death penalty for his savage actions, I feared that a death penalty prosecution would result in his teenage sister being forced to recount and relive the brutal details of the carnage that her brothers wrought again and again.”

The brothers reportedly told investigators that they were to carry out more mass killings across the United States after they killed their family. Detective Eric Bentz said that Robert expressed a desire for being known as a serial killer.

They initially planned to cut the bodies of their family, store them in bins in the attic then use their family’s SUV to head west to kill more people. The brothers reportedly planned to be armed with guns, ammunition, and makeshift bombs and plotted to kill at least 10 people at each place they tended to visit.


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