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Omar Mateen employer fined with more than $150,000 for falsifying psychological forms

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Fourth Estate Staff

Orlando, FL, United States (4E) – The security company that employed the Pulse gunman, Omar Mateen , has been slapped with more than $150,000 in fines for falsifying psychological forms that allowed the company’s employees to carry guns.

Mateen opened fire at a gay night club in Orlando last July killing 49. The company that Mateen worked for was identified as G4S Secure Solutions and was ordered to pay $151,400. The firm reportedly listed Carol Nudelman , a retired psychologist, as the evaluator of the psychological forms. These forms are completed by G4S Secure Solutions employees and it was part of Mateen’s Class G license application. More than 1,000 employees completed the form in the course of a decade. The Class G license is a requirement for security guards in order for them to carry firearms.

There were a total of 1,514 invalid Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory tests that were filed by G4S Secure Solutions bearing Nudelman’s name. One violation carries a $100 fine. Nudelman denies that she tested Mateen and Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Jennifer Meale believes that the evaluations were carried out not by the psychologist listed on the forms.

Last June 13, a day after Mateen carried out the mass shooting, G4S Secure Solutions said in a statement that he was screened properly. They said that Mateen was recruited in 2007 and was re-screened in 2013.

Nothing from the background of Mateen stopped him from legally purchasing a semiautomatic pistol and an assault rifle days before the mass shooting. He was a US citizen of Afghan descent with no criminal record. He also did not have run-ins with the law relating to drugs or being a fugitive. He was also described by his fellow worshipers at a mosque in Fort Pierce, Florida that he was nice and quiet. He attended the prayers with his three-year-old son.

G4S Secure Solutions has not yet commented on the matter.


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