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Ohio man sentenced to 13 years jumped to death after being convicted

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Steubenville, OH, United States (4E) – An Ohio man jumped to death after he was convicted to 13 years behind bars on Friday, authorities have confirmed.

According to reports, the man, identified as 42-year-old Jason Binkiewicz , was convicted of attempted murder and felony assault. He reportedly escaped from a courthouse guard after the sentencing and jumped to his death. He was pronounced dead after jumping over a guardrail on the third floor of a courthouse in Steubenville . The fall was approximately 100 feet.

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said in a statement that Binkiewicz was sentenced for shooting a man in the face back in 2015. Abdalla added, “As soon as Binkiewicz started running, Deputy Price he was on him quick enough when he reached out, he had his shirt. It wasn’t good enough, and if he held on to the shirt, most likely Deputy Price would have gone over with him.”

Prosecutor Jane Hanlin said in a statement that there have been no warnings regarding the plan of Binkiewicz to jump off of a building. She regarded the incident as a heart-breaking day.

There are no available details as to where the body of Binkiewicz is and what exactly is the cause of death. There are not statements released from the family of Binkiewicz .


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