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Nick Cannon spends Christmas at hospital, gives update about his health

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Nick Cannon spent Christmas in the hospital and he took to Instagram to give an update about his health so that his fans will stop worrying about him.

According to reports, Cannon was hospitalized due to his Lupus. He was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease in 2012. As per the Instagram video, Cannon was seen wearing a black Nike jacket while he was on his hospital bed. He also wore a black turban and said that he will be out soon from the hospital. The father of the twins of Mariah Carey added, “I’ve been sitting here reflecting. I can’t sit here dormant no more … I’m sitting here getting stronger like ‘Iron Man’ strong, ‘Incredible Hulk’ type strong. Buddha said it best, ‘every morning that you wake up you were born again.'”

He added that he appreciates all the love from his fans as he said he did not know they loved him like that. The actor and rapper noted that due to the hospitalization, he has been inspired to make more music and take more acting projects by next year.

Before ending the video, he quoted Friedrich Nietzsche by saying, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. We all are stronger because we made it through 2016, and we’re gonna keep going. One love.”

More on Cannon’s hospitalization, his longtime friend, Kevin Hart, reportedly visited him. Fellow comedian Dick Gregory also visited Cannon together with Hart.

In the past, Cannon talked about his kidney failure and having blood clots in his lungs. The kidney failure is connected to the autoimmune disease while the blood clot is also connected to the kidney infection.

Cannon is expecting his third child with former Miss Arizona U.S.A. Brittany Bell.

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