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Minnesota man who received settlement after surviving 2007 bridge collapse charged with joining Islamic State (IS)

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Fourth Estate Staff

Saint Paul, MN, United States (4E) – A Minnesota man who was able to survive a bridge collapse in 2007 and received a settlement for it reportedly used the money to help the Islamic State (IS) resulting in him being charged with joining the militant group.

The 2007 bridge collapse killed more than a dozen people in 2007. The suspect was only 10 years old back then and was riding on a school bus when the incident took place. The suspect, 62 other children, and the driver were on board the bus and were traveling on the Interstate 35W bridge when it started to collapse. The parents of the suspect filed a lawsuit against Minnesota, which led to the settlement.

The man, Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble , has been charged specifically with conspiring to support IS. Roble is accused of having traveled to Syria and joining the terror group then giving them more than $91,000 from the settlement he got from the bridge collapse.

Roble , who is now 20 years old, collected the money when he was 18 years old. After that, he reportedly traveled to Istanbul then China. He went back to Istanbul later then flew to Syria. He reportedly bought vehicle for the members of the IS. He also reportedly used the settlement money for weddings of the militants.

Roble is said to be still in Syria fighting alongside IS. The Federal Bureau of Investigation began investigating Roble as comments from an unnamed confidential human source gave them information about the suspect. Also, Roble’s social media postings contributed to the conclusion that he is a supporter of the militant group.

Roble is reportedly a part of a Minnesota-based group that worked to help IS. He is the 11th man to be accused of conspiring to join the IS. A total of 13 people from Minnesota he been charged in connection with the IS. Eight people in Minnesota have been convicted.



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