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Man who exposed himself, masturbated in MI. store arrested; found to be illegal immigrant

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Fourth Estate Staff

Rochester Hills, MI, United States (4E) – The man who exposed himself to a woman then masturbated at a Rochester Hills store last week was arrested on Monday and authorities were also able to discover that he has been living in the United States as an illegal immigrant.

The man, 35-year-old Daniel Alfredo Torres-Rivas, turned himself in as per the statement of Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard . Torres-Rivas reportedly provided an El Salvador passport when asked for an identification. He has been living at a home in Crittenden Street in Pontiac.

Torres-Rivas turned himself in a day after his photos were released on local news. Accordingly, detectives received a tip from an Oakland County resident. Surveillance photos were also released from the Meijer store in Rochester Hills. He reportedly made sexually explicit motions towards a 24-year-old woman.

Authorities initially went to the home of Torres-Rivas but no one was there. Later, an attorney for Torres-Rivas called and the suspect turned himself in. He was arrested and held on $1,000 personal bond. He was charged with aggravated and indecent exposure.

Bouchard said in a statement, “I find it completely disgusting and sad that this individual, who is illegally in our country, felt comfortable enough here to harass a woman in a very public store by masturbating to completion. I thank the tipster who helped us lock up this sick pervert.”

Officials were also able to confirm with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that Torres-Rivas is in the country illegally as he was denied a Visa. The deportation process began on Monday but it was unclear if he will be deported immediately or after the charges regarding aggravated and indecent exposure has been resolved.

Aggravated and indecent exposure carries a maximum punishment of two years behind bars and a fine up to $2,000.

No criminal history is listed under Torres-Rivas.


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