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Man sets ex-wife’s home on fire, kills self after; Emergency responders saw him slice his neck

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Agusta, ME, United States (4E) – Emergency responders did not expect that a Maine man would kill himself as they tried to stop him from causing more damage as he has set his ex-wife’s house on fire before he decided to take his life.

The man was identified as 63-year-old Terry Whitney. According to reports, Whitney and his wife have been separated since October. He was charged with criminal mischief and domestic violence last October 31. He received a court order to stay away from their former Fairfield home as this is the home where his estranged wife still lives.

Police Capt . Paul St. Amand said in a statement that Whitney drove to the home he used to share with his estranged wife before Christmas Day. He then cut the power to the house and took out a propane torch and a tank of gasoline from his truck. He also set fire to his truck before he doused the two sides of the former home he lived in. His estranged wife called 911 and was able to escape unscathed.

Firemen who went to respond to the home said that large flames were seen in the both sides of the home and it spread quickly. The first officer who arrived tried to stop Whitney after seeing him run towards the rear of the home. Whitney did not oblige to the commands of the officer so the latter deployed his stun gun. The stun gun, however, did not have any effect on Whitney due to the bulky clothing of the man. Another officer arrived and used a Taser as well.

More officers then arrived then took out a knife and sliced his neck. He was rushed to an area hospital but was no longer revived.

The home’s exterior suffered from damages but was deemed still habitable. Only several smashed windows have to be changed as well as loose electrical wires. The Fairfield Fire Marshal’s office and the Fairfield Police Department have launched separate investigations regarding the matter.

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