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Man kills woman, three children in Greenville

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Fourth Estate Staff

Greenville, SC, United States (4E) – Authorities have confirmed that a man killed a woman and her three children, two of which are his, in a quadruple homicide in Greenville.

The children are ages six, seven, and 11. The mother was identified as Garlette Howard. The suspect, who was arrested in Richmond, Virginia, was identified as 39-year-old Dibon Toone . Police Chief Marrk Holtzman said in a statement that out-of-state family members of Toone called Greenville Police saying that he made disturbing statements prior to the killings.

Officials investigated the matter and forced their way to the home of Toone . Once the officials got inside, they found the bodies of Howard and the three daughters. Toone is said to be the father of the two younger daughters.

Accordingly, the four victims might have been killed fays before the bodies were discovered. On August 15, the co-workers of Howard were concerned that she did not show up for work so they contacted the police. Officers were able to locate the vehicle of Howard and there were no indications that Howard was in grave danger.

Toone was arrested and was discovered to have been driving the work vehicle of Howard. Greenville police then interviewed Toone and as per his answers, they believe that he is the person responsible for the deaths of Howard and her daughters. He also seemed to have acted alone.

The deaths were ruled as homicides but their exact cause of death has not been revealed yet. Toone now awaits extradition back to North Carolina. He has been charged with one count of murder in the death of Howard and will be facing more charges.

Before the deaths, police officials were called into the home last July 22. Accordingly, Toone attempted to take his own life. He was taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Holtzman said during that time, Toone intended to harm only himself and not anyone else. In May 2009, it was also reported that Toone took Howard’s car without permission. In 2007, Toone had a record in Nash County for larceny and in 2006, he was convicted in Richmond for robbery.

Neighbors told officials that there have been physical confrontations between Toone and Howard outside of their home days before the killings. No calls, however, were made regarding the domestic dispute.


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