Man charged in New York jogger’s death, woman strangled to death

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Queens, NY, United States (4E) – A man in New York was charged in the death of the jogger, who was strangled to death and sexually assaulted, New York Police Department confirmed in a statement.

The man was charged with second-degree murder. The jogger, Karina Vetrano , was killed last August after going for an afternoon jog. The 30-year-old usually ran with her father but that afternoon, her father was not able to accompany her.

Police say that a 911 call about a suspicious person was made last May leading to police to look into a 20-year-old named Chanel Lewis. He is from Brooklyn. Lewis and Vetrano did not know each other. Investigators said that the DNA of Lewis was found on the crime scene, under the nails of Vetrano , on her back, and on her cell phone.

The father of Vetrano , Phil, said in a statement, “I’m not going to say it’s a good day but we can move forward now… We’re at a place we were never at. We know who did this.” Her mother, Cathy, also said that their sorrow is endlessly painful then praised the New York Police for tirelessly trying to catch their daughter’s attacker.

Vetrano was still able to send messages to a friend before she was killed. Her father kept calling her phone but no longer answered. Officers and her father were able to track her whereabouts via her phone.

If Lewis will be convicted, he will possibly face up to 25 years in prison. Lewis does not have a criminal arrest history but has had a number of summonses including one for suspicious behavior.

Lewis was traced down at his mother’s home. He reportedly told investigators detailed and incriminating statements when the questioning began. Lewis is currently unemployed and authorities believe the attack was just a chance encounter. The charges against him include murder and sexual assault.

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