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Maine Governor Paul LePage will not resign, says he has no mental issues

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Fourth Estate Staff

Augusta, ME, United States (4E) – Maine Governor Paul LePage announced on Wednesday that he will not be stepping down. The announcement comes after the Governor hinted earlier this week that he might no longer finish his second term after being involved in a profanity-laced voicemail sent to one of the state representatives.

He said in a statement, “I will not resign. I’m not an alcoholic, and I’m not a drug addict, and I don’t have mental issues. What I have is a backbone.” He also said that after the latest scandal he was involved in, he is now seeking spiritual guidance and it will be the last time he will speak to the press.

LePage sent the voicemail to state Representative Drew Gattine as he believed that Gattine called him racist.

In the voice mail LePage was heard calling Gattine a “little son of a b***” and “socialist c** ks ***er.” The latest statement of LePage is the second time that the governor apologized to the citizens of Maine.

LePage added in his latest interview, “Comments I have expressed recently are unacceptable and I apologize sincerely for using such disrespectful language as your governor.” The governor, whose second term will be until 2018, also promised that he will make several actions but did not details what changes will he be making.

Aside from the profanity-laced voicemail sent to Gattine , LePage also faced backlash after he suggested that the minority people from out of state were responsible for the heroin epidemic in Maine.

The announcement of LePage that he will not be resigning also came after hundreds of people demonstrated outside the mansion of the governor in Augusta on Tuesday. They called for his resignation and echoed the statements of the state representatives, both Democrats and Republicans.

Majority Leader Michael Thibodeau said in a statement earlier this week, “The Republican senate caucus has clearly stated that we need an acceptable plan for corrective action before the determination of whether the Legislature should convene is made. We implore the governor to do the right thing.”

Thibodeau will take over if the governor steps down.


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