Lindsay Lohan lawsuit against ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ dismissed in NY

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Manhattan, NY, United States (4E) – Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against the creator of “Grand Theft Auto V” has been thrown by a New York state appeals court.

A New York State appeals court dismissed the lawsuit of Lohan wherein she accused the maker of the game of basing a character on her without being asked. She also claimed that she was used in the game’s promotional materials.

The first character that Lohan claimed was based on her was an anorexic actress on “Grand Theft Auto V” named Lacey Jonas. Lacey Jonas asks the player’s character to help her avoid the paparazzi. The next character that Lohan claimed was based on her was a bikini-clad character flashing the peace sign. Lohan has a similar photo showing her in a red bikini, holding a phone on one hand and flashing the peace sign.

The peace sign was the main point of argument for Lohan as she said in her lawsuit that she has been using the gesture for years before it was used in “Grand Theft Auto V” by the bikini-clad character.

As per the five-judge Appellate Division panel in Manhattan, they said that the maker of “Grand Theft Auto V,” which is Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., did not use the name, portrait, or photo of Lohan so her right to privacy was not violated.

Aside from Lohan’s claim, “Mob Wives” star Karen Gravano’s lawsuit, also filed against Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., was thrown by the court. Gravano , on the other hand, believes that the “Grand Theft Auto V” character Andrea Bottino was based on her. Bottino’s face is not just the supposed trait based on Gravano but also her story. Accordingly, Bottino is a character moving out west to safe houses is based on the fear of Gravano being ripped out due to her former life and being sent to Nebraska.

Even if the court did consider the arguments of Lohan and Gravano , “Grand Theft Auto V” is still rendered as a work of fiction and satire.

A lawyer for Lohan did not comment as well as the actress. A lawyer for Gravano , Thomas Farinella , said that they are disappointed with the lawsuit being dismissed. He added that they are exploring their possible options on the matter.

“Grand Theft Auto V” reportedly sold more than 65 million units.


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