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KY. Man who died after officers searched for improvised bombing devices left two explosives in woods

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Fourth Estate Staff

Harlan County, KY, United States (4E) – Police officials have discovered two more improvised explosive devices in the woods of Harlan County, Kentucky days after a man was killed when officers were searching for the explosives.

The discovery comes a week after the man, Mark Sawaf , was killed. Sawaf was arrested in June after he was accused of concealing explosives in trail cameras then leaving them in the woods. Officials ordered him to remain in custody until his trial but was brought to the weeks a week ago. He was supposed to help the officials find the explosives he planted but he tried to escape. He reportedly tried to steal an officer’s gun when he was fatally shot during an altercation by Lexington Fire Investigator Captain Brad Dobrzynski .

Kentucky State Police Trooper Shane Jacobs said in a statement that they found several cameras, most of them attacked to trees, when they were looking for the explosives left behind by Sawaf . Federal agents started to investigate Sawaf in May this year after a trail camera exploded. A man was a victim of the explosive device. The victim lost multiple fingers and suffered wounds to his torso. The man reportedly got the camera from someone who found it on a mountain trail.

The cameras were connected to Sawaf after a search of his home lead to officers discovering materials consistent with those used in the cameras equipped with the explosive devices.

Although officials were able to find two of the explosive devices, they indicated that there were more.

Sawaf was a licensed counselor and had a master’s degree in mental health counseling. He owned and operated Harlan Counseling Inc. since 2014. The motive in the setting up of the cameras outfitted with explosives remains unclear.

Officials are also investigating the death of Sawaf .


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