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Korryn Gaines’ family files wrongful death lawsuit

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Baltimore, MD, United States (4E) – Attorneys for the family of Korryn Gaines have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baltimore County and the officer involved in the shooting.

Gaines was shot by a police officer after it was claimed by responding officials that she pointed a shotgun in their direction. The officer, identified only as Officer First Class Ruby, felt threatened when Gaines pointed the gun at their direction so he opened fire. The shooting took place on August 1 in Randallstown , Maryland.

A statement from the police officials said that 23-year-old Gaines was shot after she fired two rounds form her shotgun. Officials went to her apartment to serve arrest warrants to her and her boyfriend. The two then refused to comply and the standoff lasted for hours. The son of Gaines, five-year-old Kodi , was with her the whole time that the standoff and the shooting took place. The boy was also shot and was injured.

The lawyers for the Gaines family, J. Wyndal Gordon and Jimmy A. Bell, said in a statement, “Officer Ruby’ [sic.] acted with extreme malice and a callous disregard for the constitutional right to life and without any justification for his actions.” The lawsuit adds that the officer shot the woman out of his own personal frustration and not due to fearing for his life.

In the lawsuit, a neighbor of Gaines named Ramone Coleman, claims that police drilled holes in the walls of his apartment so they could monitor the movements of Gaines. Coleman continued to say that he heard Gaines say she would surrender and come out if officials put their guns down. He then heard one of the officers say, “I’m sick of this [expletive]” then the shots were fired.

The police department is investigating the shooting and State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger’s office is also reviewing the case to determine whether any criminal charges will be filed against the officer.


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