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Kobe Bryant invested money in Chinese education company called VIPKID

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – NBA star Kobe Bryant is investing his time and money in a Chinese education company called VIPKID as he wants teachers to help Chinese students learn the English language by teaching them through the internet.

The former Los Angeles Lakers star, who retired during the 2015-2016 NBA season, has been venturing into different businesses but one of his main goals is to help in the development of children all over the world. Accordingly, investing on the Chinese company called VIPKID will help Chinese children have a virtual North American elementary school experience.

In a statement he made during his retirement speech at the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly (ESPY) Award earlier this year, Bryant said that he wants to be honored one day for inspiring the next generation to reach for their dreams and work hard for it.

VIPKID is the leading education platform for Chinese children who want to learn English through talking to North American teachers over the internet. Bryant invested on the company via the venture capital firm called Bryant Stibel . This is the first time that Bryant Stibel invested in education-related companies but this is the second Chinese company it is related to. Bryant Stibel invested in Alibaba in 2014.

Bryant reportedly met with VIPKID two months ago. He said in a recent interview that the platform of the Chinese company is now changing things and he said that they have to look for companies that add value to the society and will help children learn and grow.

Cindy Mi, the founder and the CEO of VIPKID , said that they value the influence of Bryant all over the world and with his investment, they can “strengthen the bridging of resources between the U.S. and China and further improve VIPKID `s strategic plans for international development.”

Aside from VIPKID , Bryant also inested in 15 different tech and media companies with his business partner, Jeff Stibel .


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