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Jacob Wetterling case solved, remains found on a Minnesota farm

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Fourth Estate Staff

Paynesville, MN, United States (4E) – The case of Jacob Wetterling has remain unsolved for almost three decades now until the suspect in his disappearance, Danny Heinrich, provided authorities with information about the boy’s remains.

The disappearance of Wetterling took place in 1989 and he was only 11 years old when he went missing. On Saturday, it was revealed that Heinrich gave authorities the needed information and the remains of Wetterling were indeed found on a farm in Minnesota specifically in Paynesville . There was reportedly a grave where the remains of Wetterling were found.

Heinrich has been a suspect since Wetterling went missing but he was arrested only recently due to child pornography charges. He remains under federal custody. Accordingly, at the time that Wetterling was abducted, Heinrich lived in Paynesville with his father.

The remains have been examined and according to Stearns County Sheriff’s Office, the dental records matched that of Wetterling’s and additional DNA testing is set to be done by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to further confirm the identity of the remains found.

It remains unclear what prompted Heinrich to tell the authorities about Wetterling’s remains. They also did not provide other details as to how the remains were found but officials noted that they are reviewing and evaluating the new evidence.

The mother of Wetterling , Patty, took to Twitter to say, “Our family is drawing strength from all your love & support. We’re struggling with words at this time. Thank you for your hope.” Citizens in the area mourned with the Wetterlings as they decorated shops in town with white ribbons and brought bouquets at the entrance of the home of the Wetterlings .

Wetterling was snatched off of his bike by a masked man with a gun on October 22, 1989. He, his brother, then-10-year-old Trevor, and best friend then-11-year-old Aaron Larson were on their way home after they rented a video from the video store. The masked man with a gun then appeared and asked the boys to lie face down in a nearby ditch. The man then asked the boys their age and ordered Trevor and Larson to run to the woods and not look back.

A similar case regarding a then-12-year-old boy named Jared Scheierl was linked to the disappearance of Wetterling . Schierl was not killed as after he was sexually assaulted, the masked man told him to go and not look back or he will be shot. Schierl , now 35, provided the jacket he used when he was abducted to authorities and as per DNA testing, Heinrich’s DNA was found there. The child pornography case was the built against Heinrich.

More details about Wetterling are to be provided in the coming days, said police officials.


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