Denver man arrested in Los Angeles over possession of knives, explosives

Fourth Estate Staff

Denver, CO, United States (4E) – A man from Denver of Pakistani descent was arrested in West Los Angeles due to possession of knives and explosives.

Law enforcement officials confirmed the reports saying that the man, who was not identified initially but other reports claimed he is a man named Adam Hayat , had knives with him and he is believed to have flown to the area to follow an ex-girlfriend. The man’s weapons were found at his Sheraton Hotel room. The hotel is in Denver and no explosives were found in Los Angeles.

The man is said to be a veteran of the U.S. military and served in Iraq. Sources who have information about the investigation said the man sent letters to Veterans Affairs talking about his treatment by the agency. It was not stated how this is linked to the case but sources say the man is an emotionally disturbed soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The father of the man said his son has a long history of mental health problems. On top of the post-traumatic stress disorder, the man is believed to be bipolar and exhibit ADD symptoms. The father added, “Police called this morning from Denver, and I talked to them. They said he had bought some firearms, and they were concerned that he may hurt himself or someone else.”

The father of the man also said he has not spoken to his son for several months and that his son his homeless. The suspect reportedly collected hunting knives since he was young and has served in Okinawa and Korea aside from Iraq.

The man is expected to be brought back to Denver from California. Charges are yet to be announced.

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