Utah Subway employee arrested; allegedly laced lemonade with drugs before selling it to cop

Fourth Estate Staff

Layton, UT, United States (4E) – An officer’s lemonade drink in Utah was allegedly laced with THC and methamphetamine and a Subway employee deemed responsible for it was arrested.

The suspect was identified as 18-year-old Tanis Ukena . He was arrested on suspicion of surreptitiously giving a poisonous substance. He has denied that he did anything wrong but admitted that he was the only employee who handed the drink of the sergeant. This was verified via the CCTV footage in Subway.

The sergeant reportedly visited the drive-thru of the fast food and after drinking the lemonade, he started to feel strange. He was able to make it to his station in Layton but he struggled to brake while driving his car, was dazed, and was unable to respond to questions. The officer was then treated at an area hospital and the lemonade was examined.

As per the surveillance footage, Ukena was seen filling the drink at the drive-up fountain area but was seen at one point walking away from the fountain machine and out of the camera’s view. He returns where he could be seen in the camera but officials noted that he spent quite a time in preparing the drink.

Police officials believe that the act might have been inspired by anti-police sentiment due to the numerous officer-involved shootings around the country. Police Lt. Travis Lyman said in a statement, “It’s not a reach to make that connection based on the climate right now. I imagine officers will be bringing lunch from home for some time.”

Subway has released a statement saying that they were shocked by the incident. The statement said that their thoughts are with the sergeant and his family, who has since been released from the hospital and is expected to be back to work in a few days. The owners of the Subway branch are working with officials in their investigation.

Ukena is now being held on a $10,000 bail for the alleged drugging incident. He does not have prior run-ins with the law except for being stopped for speeding.