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Illinois terrorism suspect declared unfit to stand trial

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Fourth Estate Staff

Chicago, IL, United States (4E) – Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman announced on Thursday that a suburban Chicago terrorism suspect is mentally unfit to stand trial on charges related to him placing what he believed was a bomb outside a bar.

The suspect, Adel Daoud , reportedly believes that aliens, Freemasons, and other shadowy figures are hunting him down. Coleman also said during the announcement that Daoud believes the judge herself is a reptilian overlord and that the attorneys defending him are the Illuminati. The 22-year-old’s mental state has reportedly worsened as compared to the past exams since he was found competent before.

Daoud reportedly said that Coleman planned to hire Freemasons as jurors to hear his case and claimed that federal authorities want to kill him. He shared, “They’re going to take me downstairs and they’re going to cut my head off.”

Coleman said that one possible reason why Daoud’s mental health has deteriorated greatly is because of his cellmate’s suicide in a downtown Chicago jail. Daoud reportedly blamed his death on conspirators.

Coleman announced that Daoud will now be placed in a psychiatric facility for at least three months and if his mental health will improve after that time frame, he could still go on trial. Daoud was arrested in a 2012 FBI operation after he placed what he believe was an explosive device at a bar. While in jail, he was charged with soliciting the murder of an undercover agent and attacking an inmate who allegedly taunted him with a Prophet Muhammad drawing.

Prosecutors said last week, however, that an expert claimed Daoud’s behavior was just an attempt by him to be challenging and that he was not actually paranoid or delusional.

If Daoud’s mental health does not improve, he most possibly could be committed to an institution for years or decades to be treated. If convicted, he faces life sentence.


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