Ikea asking teens from around the world to stop sneaking into their stores and illegally sleeping over

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Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden (4E) – Ikea said in a statement that they want teenagers to stop going inside their stores and spending the night there illegally as it is not safe.

They said that they hope the craze will stop because they do not see anything fun about what the teens are doing. The trend of sleeping over illegally in Ikea started when two teenagers in Belgium, who are also YouTubers , successfully spent the night at an Ikea store. There have been 10 illegal sleepovers reported around the world only for this year.

The video lasted for 11 minutes, which has been edited, and in the video, they were seen jumping around the store’s beds and even using the toilet displays. They were able to pull off their stunt by hiding in a wardrobe for three hours. They were also able to walk out of the store the next day by hiding in wardrobes. The video was popular as it has been seen over 1.7 million times.

The two Belgian teenagers were identified as Floria Van Hecke and Bram Geirnaert . The prank was entitled “Two idiots at night in Ikea.” This video is believed to have inspire many other teens attempting to do the same thing that the Belgian teens did.

It was also reported that the most recent attempt was at Jonkoping , Sweden. Two 14-year-old female teens tried to sleep in Ikea but the spokesman in that area, Jakob Holmstr√∂m , said in a statement that they did not charge the teenagers due to their age. The company then made a police report and have spoken to the parents of the teenagers to resolve the matter. Homlstrom added, “We hope that this trend will slow. We do not see what it is fun about it.” Two more teenagers were found in Malmo , Sweden. They are both 15-year-old female teens and were reported to police officials.

Another Ikea spokesperson from the United Kingdom said that they appreciate the people’s interest in Ikea and that they understand that these people want to create fun experiences. However, the safety and security of their staff and their customers are their highest priority so they hope the craze will stop soon.

Watch the popular video here: mFLLIngIKV8 .

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