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Hillary Clinton leaves 9/11 memorial event early due to pneumonia

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Fourth Estate Staff

Manhattan, NY, United States (4E) – Donald Trump has been questioning the health of his opponent, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but this is the first time that the presidential nominee has really fell ill during the duration of the campaign as she left a 9/11 memorial event early due to pneumonia.

Dr. Lisa Bardack said in a statement that the Democratic presidential nominee was diagnosed with the illness on Friday and was put on antibiotics. She was also advised to rest and change her schedule but she chose to attend the event. Bardack added that while attending the event, Clinton became overheated and dehydrated. She is now recovering as per the doctor’s statements.

It is unclear why the pneumonia diagnosis of Clinton was not made public on Friday. Her health is now in the spotlight after she was seen appearing wobbly as she got into a van with the assistance of Secret Service agents. The 9/11 memorial she attended marked the 15th anniversary of the deadly attacks.

One witness said that Clinton appeared to have fainted while she was leaving the Ground Zero ceremony in Manhattan. The Democratic presidential candidate went to the nearby apartment of her daughter and left a little before noon. Reporters were waiting for her outside and she said that she was feeling great.

Trump has been attacking the health of Clinton as the Republican Party believes that she is hiding some sort of illness. He also believes that Clinton is not mentally capable of leading the United States. Despite these allegations, a doctor for Clinton released a statement saying that she is healthy after her 2012 and 2013 episode of suffering from a blood clot.

Clinton’s overheating event comes after she had a coughing fit, which lasted for around two minutes, at an event in Cleveland last week. She blamed the coughing on allergies and joked, “Every time I talk about Trump I get allergic.”

Clinton’s campaign team said that they are no longer sure if her scheduled California trip will push through and that they are evaluating her schedule seriously.


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