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Gunman open fires in Houston, police kill shooter; Nine people injured

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Fourth Estate Staff

Houston, TX, United States (4E) – A Houston man, who was a lawyer, was shot and killed by police after he opened fired at passing cars on Monday wounding a total of nine people.

Acting Police Chief Martha Montalvo said in a statement that of the victims, one was critically wounded and five were hospitalized. It was unclear what happened to the other victims. The man opened fire near the West University area. The victims were attended to by emergency responders at around 6:30 A.M.

Montalvo noted that officers responded to 911 calls regarding a shooter in the neighborhood. The gunman exchanged fire with officials and it is believe than an officer’s bullet killed him. The suspect, who has not been identified by police but is said to be Attorney Nathan DeSai , was a neighborhood resident and an attorney who was having problems at his law firm.

Numerous weapons were found at the scene after the suspect was killed. The vehicle and the home of the man was thoroughly searched by a bomb-squad robot. It is believed that the gunman acted alone and there were no other suspects being searched by police. However, before assuring that there were no other gunmen, residents of a local condominium building near the crime scene were asked to shelter in place for a couple of hours.

Capt . D.W. Ready said in a statement that the shooter was dressed in some sort of military uniform and had Nazi emblems with him and at his home. Aside from that, authorities also found vintage military equipment and paraphernalia. The motive in the shooting remains unclear.

More than 75 shell casings were found at the scene and he had 2,600 rounds of ammunition with him for his .45-caliber pistol and his .45-caliber Thompson carbine rifle.

A witness, 45-year-old Jennifer Molleda , said that she heard the shots at around 6:12 A.M. and her husband was on his way to leave for work. She then heard her husband yelling, “I’m hit, Jen, I’m hit.” The vehicle that her husband was driving had two bullet holes in the side. She said that her husband is now okay.


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