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George Washington University faces backlash for hiring former al Qaeda recruiter

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Washington, DC, United States (4E) – George Washington University is now under fire after they hired a former al Qaeda recruiter but the school stands by its decision despite the backlash.

The university hired a man named Jesse Morton, who used the name Younus Abdullah Muhammad. He worked as a United States-based recruiter for the terror group al Qaeda. The university said that Morton is now thoroughly rehabilitated and that his unique experience will be able to help in how to combat terrorism.

Washington State University officials added that Morton has a fuller understanding of how terror groups are able to radicalize their recruits and so he can share it to the students.

Corey Saylor , the director of the Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, added in a statement, “The understanding needed here is how to defeat the ideology of groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS so they can join other hate movements in history’s trash can.”

Accordingly, Morton was radicalized after he wanted to find a way to express his frustration with his home life since he came from an abusive family in Pennsylvania. Morton said, that joining radicalized groups gave him an outlet to have meaning, to have purpose, and to express his rage and frustration. Morton was further radicalized after spending some time behind bars and talking to an inmate who talked about the Muslims against the West.

In 2007, after Morton graduated as a valedictorian from his class at Manhattan College, he set up the Revolution Muslim, a New York-based organization that wanted to promote the traditionalist Islamic State and the downfall of the Western imperialism.

Morton continued to reveal, “I suffer from a tremendous amount of guilt. I have seen things that people have done and to know that I once sympathized and supported that view – it sickens me.” Morton was jailed in 2011 and during his prison stint, he said that he was inspired to change via the European Enlightenment philosophers such as Locke and Rousseau. He then became an informant of the FBI while serving his time. He was freed in 2015.

This is the first time that a former radicalized person has been hired by an institution. This is common, however, in other countries such as Europe.

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