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Four-year-old girl survives mountain lion attack while camping

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Newdale, ID, United States (4E) – A four-year-old girl was attacked by a mountain lion while camping with her family at Idaho’s Green Canyon Hot Springs and authorities have confirmed that she has suffered some injuries but survived.

According to reports, the girl, Kelsi Butt, was playing in a stream with her 10-year-old and two-year-old cousins. Her cousins heard Butt scream and found her hanging from the jaws of the mountain lion. Butt’s mother, Kera , said in a statement, “[It] bit Kelsi and tried to pick her up and drag her a little bit.” Kera reportedly saw the mountain lion earlier but they were not concerned at first and told them that she saw a big cat. The rest of the family doubted her so they went back to eating their dinner.

The father of Butt, Israel, added, “He had my daughter in his mouth and he couldn’t pick her up so he dragged her to get a better bite. He rolled her over with his paws to better situate Kelsi’s body in his mouth.” The family began yelling at the mountain lion and the animal dropped the girl then fled, said Greg Losinski , a conservationist with the Idaho Fish and Game Department.

As per the photos released by the family, Butt suffered from puncture wounds on her stomach and her arms. Her injuries are not life-threatening but from the neck down, Butt is severely bruised due to the attack. To avoid getting infected, Butt was also given antibiotics and was given rabies shots for prevention.

As for the mountain lion, chief of communications at Idaho Fish and Game, Miek Keckler , said that the animal was found hundreds of yards away from where the attack happened then it was forced into a tree to be dispatched. He pointed out that they had to kill the animal as it is a wild animal and they cannot take any chances as it might attack other campers again. He advised that one way to scare off mountain lions is to make noise.


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