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Former assistant to Jackson Mississippi mayor alleges public official of sexual harassment

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Fourth Estate Staff

Jackson, MS, United States (4E) – A former executive assistant of Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber said in a lawsuit, filed on Thursday, that she was sexually harassed.

The supposed victim, identified as Kimberly Bracey , said in her lawsuit that Yarber sexually harassed her and others and also fostered a sexual hostile workplace at the City Hall. She said in a statement, “It’s just my hope that no one else has to go through this. Hopefully people start coming forward.”

Yarber’s office said that the lawsuit was vicious and scandalous and regarded Bracey as a former “disgruntled employee.” Accordingly, Yarber hired Bracey in April of 2014 when he took office as the Jackson mayor. A month after hiring Bracey , Yarber reportedly began a sexual relationship with her. Yarber allegedly manipulated the split of Bracey and her husband, who is the friend of the mayor. Yarber is said to have officiated the wedding of Bracey and her husband in the past.

In the lawsuit, Bracey continued to claim that Yarber also engaged in other sexual relationship with different women such as City Attorney Monica Joiner. Bracey then attempted to end their sexual relationship and suggested to the mayor that any activity after that was no longer consensual. However, Yarber reportedly began forcing Bracey to continue the sexual relationship and that she will be terminated if she refuses to do so.

The lawsuit adds, “Plaintiff was the sole source of income for her family at this time, and could not easily find comparable work.” She was reportedly making under $50,000 for being the mayor’s executive assistant.

Another claim made by Bracey is that Yarber asked her to encourage another woman to give the mayor oral sex for guaranteed employment. She also said in her lawsuit that parties were held by Atlanta businesswoman Mitzi Bickers for Yarber in late 2014 wherein the businesswoman arranged for a woman to have a sexual relationship with the mayor.

In one of the parties, Bracey claimed that the mayor visited a strip club where Bickers paid for everything. Bracey was then asked to watch the door as the mayor and a stripper went inside a room to be alone. In another incident, strippers wearing only body paint reportedly greeted Yarber and other guests during a fundraising activity at Bickers’ home. Bicker released a statement denying the accusations.

Bracey refused to have a sexual relationship with Yarber early April and she was terminated soon after. Yarber reportedly accused her of using city computers for personal purposes in order to be dismissed from her job. The lawsuit of Bracey asks that she be granted reinstatement or future wages in lieu of reinstatement, back pay, compensatory damages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees.


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