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Five people killed in Alabama, suspect surrendered to officials in Mississippi

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Fourth Estate Staff

Citronelle, AL, United States (4E) – Five people were killed in rural Citronelle , Alabama on Saturday and the suspect was apprehended in Mississippi after he surrendered to police officials hours later.

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office took to Twitter to say that the suspect, who was not identified at first, surrendered in Greene County, Mississippi. Green County is 16 km from Citronelle , Alabama, where the bodies were found.

As per the reports, one of the five people killed by the suspect was believed to be pregnant. All of the adults were victims and multiple weapons were reportedly used in the murders. One of the weapons used is a gun but it was unclear if all of the victime died from gunshot wounds or if the other weapons, which were not identified, were used. Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said in a statement, however, that the victims were brutally and viciously murdered.

An infant was found at the home where the dead bodies were discovered. The child was said to be safe and uninjured.

Before the killings, a 911 caller said that a trespasser, who is the suspect identified as 27-year-old Derrick Ryan Dearman , was at the property where the bodies were found. Mobile County Sheriff’s Capt . Paul Burch said that a police officer went to the home and searched for the trespasser but was not able to find Dearman .

Officials were able to know about the killings after a woman and her baby were able to escape the suspect and went to the police. Accordingly, Dearman kidnapped her but she and her three-month-old baby were dropped off by the suspect when he was on his way to Mississippi. The woman was able to reach the police officials at 4 P.M. on Saturday.

The motive for the killings remains unknown along with as the identities of the victims. It is also unclear if the victims were related but sources said that a brother and a sister lived at the home with their families. Dearman reportedly knew at least one of the five victims. No dates for court appearances have been released yet.


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