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First police shooting for the year

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The first police shootings for the year 2017 took place early morning Monday, and it has all the hallmarks we become familiar with police shootings that involve African American. It started on familiar note, Police stopped a black motors on a presume traffic violation here is more from Chicago Suntimes

Police noticed a white Hyundai SUV speeding and running a stop sign at 2:20 a.m. near the 12500 block of South State Street, Johnson said. The driver initially stopped the car when officers tried to pull it over, but he drove south after officers left their car. Police followed the car for about five blocks and saw it drive up on the sidewalk, Johnson said.

What happen next follows the police script that has been written before, the motors who was more than likely drunk didn’t obey police instructions which lead to scuffle and you can guest the rest.

Finally, the SUV sideswiped several cars and crashed into a police squad car, injuring the officers. Police approached the car and found the man in the driver’s seat. Johnson said the man struggled as officers tried to restrain him, and that’s when an officer shot him two times. He was taken to Christ Medical Center, Johnson said.



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