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El Chapo’s son might be one of the abducted men at a restaurant in Mexico

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Fourth Estate Staff

Jalisco, MX, United States (4E) – Reports have surfaced earlier this week that six men were abducted by gunmen at a restaurant at the Mexican beach resort of Puerto Vallarta and now it was claimed that one of the kidnapped is the son of the drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The son of El Chapo , Ivan Archivaldo , is presumed to be one of the six men abducted but Jalisco state Attorney General Eduardo Almaguer said it is not yet certain. Seven armed assailants carried out the abduction. Accordingly, Ivan Archivaldo assumed control of some parts of his father’s business after El Chapo was arrested last January from escaping a high-security prison last year.

If it is true that Ivan Archivaldo is one of the abducted men, it might have something to do with his attitude and reputation as a braggart. Accordingly, he shows off expensive clothes, guns, liquors, cars, and many more on social media.

Raul Benitez, a security specialist who teaches political science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, said in a statement, “Ivan Archivaldo was, I believe, a bit crazy. He spent all his time posting things on Facebook, WhatsApp , Twitter. A serious narco doesn’t do that.” Benitez added that there is a war right now regarding the control of the Sinaloa cartel and that the abduction might be the latest attack on the family of El Chapo .

Initially, officials reported that 10 to 12 were kidnapped but based on evidence gathered and video images, around five to six men were abducted. There were only five vehicles, some luxury models, left behind by the abducted men. Accordingly, several of the men abducted have false identities so it remains unclear if Ivan Archivaldo is really one of them.

Officials said that the abduction is the work of a criminal group operating largely in the area. Although the criminal group was not identified, it is believed that it is the work of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, which rivals the Sinaloa carte of Guzman.

Authorities assured tourists that the incident was isolated. The beach resort was not closed down and went on it with its regular activities.


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